U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps - Quincy, Massachusetts


  The NSCC has 385 units nationwide, with over 10,000 cadets enrolled. Our goals are to:  
- Establish a mentally and physically demanding, disciplined and ethical military environment which supports each cadet's pursuit of maturity, self-confidence, and personal responsibility;
- Provide challenging training opportunities for cadets to develop critical life skills, especially leadership and teamwork; and
-Introduce cadets to the people and equipment of the U.S. military, particularly the naval services, in order to involve and inform them of the reality of military service.

The NSCC was founded in 1958 by the Navy League of the United States at the request of the Department of the Navy. In 1962, the USNSCC was chartered under Title 36 of the United States Code as a non-profit youth organization with an emphasis towards the sea-going services of the United States. The law was amended in 1974 to allow female participation in the USNSCC.

In 2000, the U.S. Congress stated that the NSCC and related programs "provide significant benefits for the Armed Forces, including significant public relations benefits. "Although under no service obligation, a sizable percentage of cadets later enlist in the military. Members who obtain the grade E-3 or Sea man/Airman may receive an advanced pay-grade of E-3 if they join the Navy or Coast Guard before they turn 24 years old, and E-2 in the Marine Corps or other services, due to the training they receive. Former Sea Cadets also represent a percentage of students at the five federal service academies.