U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps - Quincy, Massachusetts



We are looking for highly mature young women and men with strong leadership potential.  We are not – nor do we wish to be – a "corrective" program for youth who cannot accept discipline or who have behavioral issues.  We welcome both cadets with military goals and those with none at all. All our cadets will learn how to recognize their leadership potential and develop it in a military environment, which is unique in its ability to teach discipline, inner strength, and “no-excuses” personal responsibility.


To be considered for membership in Squadron 7-Zulu you must satisfy ALL of the following criteria:

  • Highly mature young woman or man at least 13 years old, but not yet 18

  • Able to commit to attending 75% of drills (two Sundays per month, 9 AM – 3 PM)

  • Willing to take responsibility for your own actions

  • Be comfortable training in a highly disciplined and physically demanding military environment

  • Maintain a neat, clean military image including grooming standards

  • Satisfactory grades and regular advancement in school

  • United States Citizen or legally admitted permanent resident

  • No criminal record

  • Reject and renounce the use of drugs and alcohol

Diversity makes us a stronger and better team. We especially welcome female applicants as well as members of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds.


Our unit emphasizes physical fitness as a positive lifestyle choice.  We encourage this by doing all-hands physical activity (run by the cadets themselves!) at almost every drill.

Unit PT includes military-style team physical training, such as pushups, sit-ups, formation running, stretching.  Twice per year, all cadets are required to successfully complete a physical fitness test, consisting of a timed 1-mile run, maximum pushups and sit-ups, a shuttle run, and sit-reach.

Your family physician will need to complete a physical exam and report that you are qualified for our program.  Most common prescription medications are accepted at our 1-2 week trainings, and we permit cadets to carry inhalers where proper documentation and endorsement by the family physician is present.

Modifications to these and other policies are often possible, but any such modifications must be reasonable, that is, they should appropriately consider the essential requirements of membership, including the often physically intensive nature of our training.  Requests for such reasonable accommodations are welcomed and will be considered in accordance with applicable national NSCC guidelines.  Please be assured that, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and other relevant law, the NSCC welcomes all applicants and does not discriminate on the basis of disability.


Currently, the first-year enrollment fee for a new cadet is $280  Thereafter, the yearly renewal fee is $180 Cadets with siblings in the unit are also offered a discount.  Cadets will be loaned (at no charge) most of the uniforms they will need, except for work boots and dress shoes, which must be purchased by the family at the time of enrollment.  Each cadet is only required to return all uniforms loaned at the time he or she leaves the program.

Squadron 7-Zulu is 100% funded by cadet enrollment fees and your donations.  Our 1-2 week away-from-home training programs receive significant federal assistance, which results in you paying an average of $50 to $150 week of training (including food, lodging and operational expenses).


If you are interested in joining our program, you will need to attend a Enrollment Open House and participate in an interview with the Commanding Officer.  A personal interview is mandatory before we will consider your application.  For us to determine if you are a fit for our program, we need to meet you in person.  Additionally, we will present an overview of the program which, combined with a chance to actually meet current cadets, helps you and your family determine whether this is something you really want to do.

Following the interview, if the Squadron invites you to apply, and if you are still interested in doing so, you will be provided with the appropriate paperwork and instructions.

Once you are enrolled into the program, you will be in a "training status" for your first few months, while we issue you your uniforms and teach you the basics of how to march, salute, wear a uniform, etc.  You will be mentored at all stages by both a senior cadet and a "battle buddy" (a fellow recruit).

For the date of the next interview session, please visit our How to Join page.